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I harvest wild California cane from select sources that produce the softest, most musical cane for uilleann and other bellows-blown bagpipes. There is a lot of hard cane in the state, but I have specialized in soft cane for double reeds for over 35 years.  Wild cane varies in hardness. The majority of my cane is soft. I used to set the harvested stalks aside in the rafters to cure a further two years before cutting tubes from them. This allows time for the sap to break down to a stable form in a process called curing. For double reeds, I harvest dead stalks which are standing in the cane break. I consider it cured for one year when I harvest it. I now cut and ship it the year I harvest it so any that appears at all green should be set aside for a couple more years of curing. Much of the cane can be used right away to make reeds. It is possible a few reeds will change after making, due to the further curing which takes place.

Tubes which are reasonably round, straight and free of mold in the scrape area I call select grade. There are brown marks on some tubes which are called water-marks. They don’t affect the reeds made from it at all. I remove a 1/8” wide section including the bud scar before cutting slips. There can be a gray mold on some tubes which affects cane flexibility and hardness. If the gray mold is not in the area of the scrape and surrounding rails, it does not affect the reed. Gray mold is OK in the tails and as long as it is not in the scrape. Tubes with some mold can have slips selected from them which will be of the same quality as the select grade, as long as the slip is mold free in the scrape area. I call this second grade cane, as long as it is relatively straight and round. My second grade tubes can have two or three good slips cut from each tube.

I supply double reed cane from 18 to 32mm (11/16 to 1 ¼ inch) outer diameter. As there are several different  styles of reed making, you determine the maximum and minimum diameters that you require.  You may use inches or millimeters.  If you want 1" cane, ask for 1" plus or minus 1/16", or 24-27mm cane.  When ordering, I need a minimum of plus or minus  1 mm plus or minus 1/16" to fill your order. Most are fine with a range or 3mm or plus or minus 1/16".  If you use a larger range for concerts pitch and a smaller range for flat pitch, give me a diameter range for each.


Double-reed cane, any diameter

Select quality- $3.00 per tube

Second quality- $1.00 per tube 

No Minimum Order Required


                                                                                                                                                                               Second Quality

Cane is the soul of the instrument

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