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This product is hand-made in my shop according to authentic recipes. Cobblers’ wax is a misnomer. I call it shoemakers’ wax. Cobblers (repair persons) don’t use it. Shoemakers, harness makers, pipe-bag makers, pipers and reed makers all use it, as well as fishing fly tiers. I have adjusted the formula specifically for pipers and reed makers. It coats hemp thread easily and provides the needed tackiness. It is an adhesive wax rather than a lubricating wax. A waxed thread can be used under ferrules and mounts to secure them. Pipers use it on the first layer of hem ping their joints to attach the thread to the pin. A small piece of wax should be broken off and warmed in the hand to body temperature before pulling hemp through it to coat it. Pick out any thread ends that stay in the wax to make it last longer. On reeds, it sets up and doesn’t get on your fingers when handling the reed after making it. It is great for drone reed wraps to keep them in their pipes.  It comes in half ounce units wrapped in parchment paper.


$5.00 per packet

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